The classes are imparted by a brad team of different professionals (psychologist, pedagogues, teachers, specialists…).

The standard schedule is:

  • Winter Courses: From 11h till 13h, Saturdays during the scholar year (10h for the oldest teenagers)
  • Summer Courses: From 10h till 13h and 17h till 20h.

The EPSEM Enrichment Model helps improving the regular curricula, because they incorporate different activities that can not be implemented in the regular classroom. We encourage as well the cognitive, social and emotional development.

Bellow are some activities that we carry out during the Courses, among others.


Debate and Speech techniques

Research capacities

Critical spirit

Argumentation and public speaking techniques

Improvement of oral expression

Improvement of non-verbal language


Programming and Robotics

Manual ability and coordination

Logical and mathematical thinking


Developing a project from beginning to end

Dramatic expression

Develop comunicacional, social and expressive aptitudes

Socio-relational skills

Provide the students the opportunity to get to know each other, share ideas and information about themselves

Appreciate what is similar and what is different in each of the other students in class

Exercises and reasoning games

Problems solution

Memory and concentration

Social habilites

Frustration tolerance

New technologies

Use of several computer software

Develop of the creative capacity

Using Internet to find useful information

Risks of the new technologies and privicy

Cognitive development

Logic reasoning

Inhibitory control

Inductive thinking

Spatial orientation

Attention and memory

Independent study

Development of research capacity

Obtaining knowledge

Critical spirit and values


Transmission of oral and written information

Meteorology and Astronomy

First approach to the world of Meteorology and Astronomy


Plastic Arts

Arts Olympic Games

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